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Story of a renaissance

Submitted on 4 May 2016
Colonne travaux
© Musée Henner

Looking back on two years of renovations :

2016 will be remember as an important milestone in the history of the museum.

Marie-Cécile Forest, director of the Jean-Jacques Henner Museum

November 2013  - August 2014 :

The museum closed its doors for major renovations of the ground floor area and storerooms. In addition to preparing the construction site, the first months of 2013 were dedicated to documentary research, conducting an inventory of the archives and collections and also the moving of artworks into storage.

September 2014 – November 2015 :  Back part of the ground floor, the basement and storerooms.

Installation of a new glass roof in the winter garden, creation of storerooms, refurbishment of the basement … many different skilled professionals including carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers and specialists in mosaic restoration worked on the revamping of the museum.  The winter garden had its mosaic floor restored and following colorimetric tests, the walls were painted in their original colour.

Travaux perceuse
© Musée Henner

November 2015 – May 2016 :  Design of the museum’s new layout.

A succession of artisans, painters, electricians and specialists in the renovation of paintings, sculptures and frames passed through the historic mansion.
And then it was time for the return of hundreds of works that had been stored elsewhere during the renovations.  Female models, tearful Alsace, Saint Sebastian, Marie-Madeleine … all found their place back up on the walls of the museum in exhibits that were designed to highlight both the “official” nature of Jean-Jacques Henner’s work and his studio artwork.

21 May 2016 :

The museum reopened after two years of renovations, rediscoveries, transformation and reflexion, to showcase the work of Jean-Jacques Henner and the history of the mansion.
From the new colour scheme, multimedia content and beautiful winter garden to the work of the multifaceted “official” painter, visitors will be delighted with this unusual museum.

Life of the Museum
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