horan sounds paris musée henner


Concert in partnership
Monday 4th september | 7:30pm
Musée Henner


Since the time of the Qadjars (19th century), the târ and the tombak have formed the classical duo of Persian music. Two instruments whose sound and play are unique to this only found in this tradition, and which become one as soon as they enter into resonate to bring to life the greatest compositions of this repertoire. repertoire.
It is in the hands of Ali Kâzemi and Farid Kheradmand that their audience will be able to hear these sonorities. to hear these raw and refined sounds, two young masters of Persian music masters of Persian music, who are playing an active part in preserving this tradition to the preservation of this tradition, as well as to its evolution and development.
Teachers, researchers, concert performers and composers for many years, these two renowned artists are working to keep the ancestral tradition of Persian music alive - while renewing it through other traditions, mainly from Central Asia - both through their research and publications and through their compositions, which they perform in concert or on recordings.

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horan sounds paris musée henner

25 €

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7 mars - 28 octobre 2024
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