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Festival | Le Paris retrouvé de Marcel Proust [ Cancelled ]

Submitted on 12 March 2020
Marcel Proust

Festival  |  Le Paris retrouvé de Marcel Proust

11 mars 2020 - 22 mars 2020

With more than thirty events – concerts, readings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, creations and immersive visits – programmed over twelve days, the new festival Le Paris retrouvé de Marcel Proust invites the public to a journey into the world of Marcel Proust in emblematic Parisian settings. 

Thanks to the geographical proximity and the imprint left by Marcel Proust in the Plaine Monceau district, the Société des Hôtels littéraires and the Hôtel Littéraire Le Swann, the Jean-Jacques Henner and Gustave Moreau museums, the Fontaine Haussmann bookshop, the Société des Amis de Marcel Proust and the Éditions Thélème, wanted to pay homage to the author of La Recherche and to experience a piece of time rediscovered over the course of the Plaisirs et des Jours (Pleasures and Days).

Consult the program (pdf format), and click on the "Register" buttons to book (in French).

Cultural event
liseuse henne
Sur les traces des écrivains de la Plaine Monceau
Septembre-décembre 2022 | 14h - 1h30